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                        自然色 - 非常淺棕色的紙張。也可稱為古董、奶油色、象牙色、灰白色或柔和的白色。

                        Natural Color - Very light brown color of paper. May also be called antique, cream, ivory, off-white or mellow white.

                        NCR 表格(無碳表格)——“無需碳”的首字母縮寫詞,NCR 紙最多可分為 6 個部分,通常填充成“套”。 NCR 紙涂有無色染料。書寫或其他壓力會產生可見的顏色,從而自動“復制”到其他紙張上。

                        NCR Forms(carbonless forms) - an acronym for “No Carbon Required,” NCR papers are available in up to 6 parts and usually padded into "sets." The NCR paper is coated with a colorless dye. Writing or other pressure produces visible color making "copies" automatically to the other sheets.

                        嵌套 - 與聚集相比,簽名以正確的順序相互組裝以進行綁定。也稱為插頁。

                        Nested - Signatures assembled inside one another in the proper sequence for binding, as compared to gathered. Also called inset.

                        中性灰色 - 沒有色調或色偏的灰色。

                        Neutral Gray - Gray with no hue or cast.

                        新聞紙 - 用于印刷報紙的紙張。 被認為是低質量和“短壽命使用”。

                        News Print - Paper used in printing newspapers. Considered low quality and “a short life use.”

                        牛頓環 - 照片或半色調中的瑕疵,看起來像一滴油或水。

                        Newton Ring - Flaw in a photograph or halftone that looks like a drop of oil or water.

                        咬合 - 在裝訂過程中,在縫紉階段從內容物中排出空氣的階段。

                        Nipping - In the book binding process, a stage where air is expelled from it's contents at the sewing stage.

                        非接觸式印刷 - 使用激光、離子、噴墨或熱量將圖像轉移到紙上進行印刷。

                        Nonimpact Printing - Printing using lasers, ions, ink jets or heat to transfer images to paper.

                        不可復制的藍色 - 淺藍色不會記錄在圖形藝術膠片上,因此可用于預印版面網格和在機械上編寫說明。 也稱為藍鉛筆、淡出藍、淡出藍和非復制藍。

                        Nonreproducing Blue - Light blue that does not record on graphic arts film, therefore may be used to preprint layout grids and write instructions on mechanicals. Also called blue pencil, drop-out blue, fade-out blue and nonrepro blue.


                        Novelty Printing - Printing on products such as coasters, pencils, balloons, golf balls and ashtrays, known as advertising specialties or premiums.

                        膠印 - 將油墨從印版轉移到橡皮布到紙上而不是直接從印版轉移到紙上的印刷技術。

                        Offset Printing - Printing technique that transfers ink from a plate to a blanket to paper instead of directly from plate to paper.

                        不透明度 - 紙張的不透明度由其重量、成分和吸收性決定。紙張的不透明度決定了在紙張的反面顯示多少打印內容。不透明度以其反射百分比表示。完全不透明度為 100%,完全透明度為 0%。

                        Opacity - a paper's opacity is determined by its weight, ingredients and absorbency. A paper's opacity determines how much printing will show through on the reverse side of a sheet. Opacity is expressed in terms of it's percentage of reflection. Complete opacity is 100% and complete transparency is 0%.

                        洋蔥皮 - 過去通常用于航空郵件的一種特殊的輕質(種類)紙張。今天很少使用(在打字機時代)。

                        Onion Skin - A specific lightweight type (kind) of paper usually used in the past for air mail. Seldom used today (in the typewriter era).

                        疊加打樣 - 與整體打樣相比,彩色打樣由相互疊放的聚酯片材組成,其圖像已對齊。 每張紙代表要以一種顏色打印的圖像。 也稱為賽璐珞證明和分層證明。

                        Overlay Proof - Color proof consisting of polyester sheets laid on top of each other with their image in register, as compared to integral proof. Each sheet represents the image to be printed in one color. Also called celluloid proof and layered proof.

                        疊印 - 在先前打印的圖像上打印一個圖像,例如在屏幕色調上打印類型。 也稱為超印。

                        Overprint - To print one image over a previously printed image, such as printing type over a screen tint. Also called surprint.

                        頁面 - 出版物中葉子的一側。

                        Page - One side of a leaf in a publication.

                        頁數 - 出版物的總頁數。也稱為程度。

                        頁數 - 出版物的總頁數。

                        Page Count - Total number of pages that a publication has.

                        頁面校樣 - 類型和圖形的校樣,因為它們將在完成的頁面上完成,包括標題、規則和作品集等元素。

                        Page Proof - Proof of type and graphics as they will look on the finished page complete with elements such as headings, rules and folios.

                        PDF(可移植文檔格式)——一種自包含的跨平臺文檔,無論用戶使用的是哪種計算機或打印機,或者文檔最初是使用什么軟件創建的,它在屏幕上和打印中的外觀都是一樣的。 Adobe Systems 于 1993 年創建的用于文檔交換的文件格式。閱讀更多

                        PDF (Portable Document Format) - a self-contained cross-platform document that will look the same on the screen and in print, regardless of what kind of computer or printer someone is using or what software the document was originally created with. A file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange. READ MORE

                        分頁 - 在圖書領域,頁面編號。

                        Pagination - In the book arena, the numbering of pages.

                        彩繪紙 - 與專色相比,使用墨水邊到邊打印的紙。涂漆片材是指最終產品,而不是印刷片材,這意味著 100% 的覆蓋率來自所有四個側面的滲色。

                        Painted Sheet - Sheet printed with ink edge to edge, as compared to spot color. The painted sheet refers to the final product, not the press sheet, and means that 100 percent coverage results from bleeds off all four sides.

                        紙版 - 在短版膠印領域由堅固耐用的紙張制成的印版(短版具有成本效益)。

                        Paper Plate - A printing plate made of strong and durable paper in the short run offset arena (cost effective with short runs).

                        父表 - 任何大于 11 英寸 x 17 英寸或 A3 的紙張。

                        Parent Sheet - Any sheet larger than 11″ x 17″ or A3.

                        膠訂- 書籍裝訂,將頁面粘合在一起,然后直接粘在書的封面上。

                        Perfect Binding - book binding in which pages are glued together and then adhered directly to the cover of the book.

                        打孔 - 在印刷機或裝訂機上進行,形成一條小點整體線,用于撕下印刷品的一部分(通常是直線,垂直或水平)。

                        Perforating - Taking place on a press or a binder machine, creating a line of small dotted wholes for the purpose of tearing-off a part of a printed matter (usually straight lines, vertical or horizontal).

                        光刻 - 使用光化學完成雕刻。

                        Photoengraving - Engraving done using photochemistry.

                        針式套準 - 通過在平面和印版的邊緣使用直徑相同的小孔來套準分色、平面和印版的技術。

                        Pin Register - Technique of registering separations, flats and printing plates by using small holes, all of equal diameter, at the edges of both flats and plates.

                        像素 - 圖片元素的縮寫,由計算機、掃描儀或其他數字設備制成的點。也稱為 pel。

                        Pixel - Short for picture element, a dot made by a computer, scanner or other digital device. Also called pel.


                        Planographic Printing - Printing method whose image carriers are level surfaces with inked areas separated from noninked areas by chemical means. Planographic printing includes lithography, offset lithography and spirit duplicating.

                        印版 - 一張紙、金屬、塑料或橡膠,上面帶有要使用印刷機復制的圖像。

                        Plate - Piece of paper, metal, plastic or rubber carrying an image to be reproduced using a printing press.

                        制版機 - (1) 在快速印刷中,一種通過機械裝置自動制作印版的過程相機。 (2) 在商業光刻中,一種帶有真空框架的機器,用于通過膠片曝光印版。

                        Platemaker - (1) In quick printing, a process camera that makes plates automatically from mechanicals. (2) In commercial lithography, a machine with a vacuum frame used to expose plates through film.

                        制版膠片 - 為制版做好充分準備的剝離底片或正片。

                        Plate-ready Film - Stripped negatives or positives fully prepared for platemaking.

                        PMS(彩通匹配系統) - 顏色選擇圖表;一種主要用于印刷的色彩空間,也用于各種其他行業,包括廣告專業、油漆、織物和塑料。

                        PMS (Pantone Matching System)- a color choices chart; a color space used primarily in printing, but also a variety of other industries including advertising specialties, paint, fabric and plastics.

                        正片 - 與允許光通過的負片相比,防止光線穿過圖像的膠片。又稱淘汰片。

                        Positive Film - Film that prevents light from passing through images, as compared to negative film that allows light to pass through. Also called knockout film.

                        后裝訂 - 使用螺釘裝訂,并通過一堆松散紙張中的孔插入后裝訂。

                        Post Bind - To bind using a screw and post inserted through a hole in a pile of loose sheets.

                        印前 - 印刷前由印刷商、分離器或服務機構執行的相機工作、分色、剝離、制版和其他印前功能。也稱為準備。

                        Prepress - Camera work, color separations, stripping, platemaking and other prepress functions performed by the printer, separator or a service bureau prior to printing. Also called preparation.

                        印前校樣 - 與使用墨水印刷的印刷校樣相比,使用噴墨、墨粉、染料或覆蓋層制作的任何顏色校樣。也稱為干打樣和脫機打樣。

                        Prepress Proof - Any color proof made using ink jet, toner, dyes or overlays, as compared to a press proof printed using ink. Also called dry proof and off-press proof.

                        預印 - 打印將用于以后印記的部分紙張。

                        Preprint - To print portions of sheets that will be used for later imprinting.

                        印刷檢查 - 在授權開始全面生產之前檢查印刷機的準備印張的事件。

                        Press Check - Event at which makeready sheets from the press are examined before authorizing full production to begin.

                        印刷校樣 - 使用為作業指定的印版、墨水和紙張在印刷機上進行校樣。也稱為罷工和審判證明。

                        Press Proof - Proof made on press using the plates, ink and paper specified for the job. Also called strike off and trial proof.

                        印刷時間 - (1) 一項印刷作業在印刷機上花費的時間,包括準備工作所需的時間。 (2) 印刷工作在一天中的時間進行印刷。

                        Press Time - (1) Amount of time that one printing job spends on press, including time required for makeready. (2) Time of day at which a printing job goes on press.

                        印刷 - 將圖像從原件(如膠片負片或正片、電子存儲器、模板、模具或印版)轉移到紙張或其他基材上的任何過程。

                        Printing - Any process that transfers to paper or another substrate an image from an original such as a film negative or positive, electronic memory, stencil, die or plate.

                        印刷板 - 帶有要印刷的圖像的表面??焖俅蛴∈褂眉埢蛩芰习?凸版印刷、雕刻和商業平版印刷使用金屬板;柔版印刷使用橡膠或軟塑料板。凹版印刷使用滾筒。絲網印刷也稱為印版。

                        Printing Plate - Surface carrying an image to be printed. Quick printing uses paper or plastic plates; letterpress, engraving and commercial lithography use metal plates; flexography uses rubber or soft plastic plates. Gravure printing uses a cylinder. The screen printing is also called a plate.

                        印刷單元 - 將印刷一種墨水顏色的墨斗、滾筒和滾筒的組件。也稱為色站、甲板、墨水站、打印機、站和塔。

                        Printing Unit - Assembly of fountain, rollers and cylinders that will print one ink color. Also called color station, deck, ink station, printer, station and tower.

                        印刷色 - CMYK 顏色模型,簡稱印刷色(或四色,或四色印刷),是一種用于全色印刷的減色模型。 CMYK 指的是印刷色印刷中使用的四種油墨:青色、品紅色、黃色和黑色。

                        Process Color - the CMYK color model, referred to as process color (or four color, or four-color process) is a subtractive color model used in full-color printing. CMYK refers to the four inks used in process color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

                        校樣 - 為揭示錯誤或缺陷而制作的測試表,預測印刷結果并記錄完成后印刷作業的預期外觀。

                        Proof - Test sheet made to reveal errors or flaws, predict results on press and record how a printing job is intended to appear when finished.

                        校對者標記 - 用于標記手稿和校樣的標準符號和縮寫。 也稱為校正標記。

                        Proofreader Marks - Standard symbols and abbreviations used to mark up manuscripts and proofs. Also called correction marks.

                        出版用紙 - 重量、顏色和表面適合書籍、雜志、目錄和獨立插頁的紙張。

                        Publishing Paper - Paper made in weights, colors and surfaces suited to books, magazines, catalogs and free-standing inserts.

                        四開本 - (1) 紙張折疊兩次,使頁面大小為原始紙張的四分之一。 四開本有 8 頁的簽名。 (2) 由四開本制成的書,傳統上尺寸約為 9 英寸 x 12 英寸。

                        Quarto - (1) Sheet folded twice, making pages one-fourth the size of the original sheet. A quarto makes an 8-page signature. (2) Book made from quarto sheets, traditionally measuring about 9″ x 12″.

                        快速印刷 - 使用稱為復印機的小型單張紙印刷機進行印刷,使用裁切尺寸的證券紙和膠版紙。

                        Quick Printing - Printing using small sheet-fed presses, called duplicators, using cut sizes of bond and offset paper.

                        光柵圖像處理器 - 將頁面描述命令轉換為輸出設備(如激光打印機或照排機)的位圖信息的設備。

                        Raster Image Processor - Device that translates page description commands into bitmapped information for an output device such as a laser printer or imagesetter.

                        令 - 500 張紙。

                        Ream - 500 sheets of paper.

                        再生紙 - 完全或部分由舊紙制成的新紙。

                        Recycled Paper - New paper made entirely or in part from old paper.

                        套準 - 將紙張邊緣的打印和其他打印正確地放置在同一張紙上。據說這種印刷是登記的。

                        Register - To place printing properly with regard to the edges of paper and other printing on the same sheet. Such printing is said to be in register.


                        Register Marks - Cross-hair lines on mechanicals and film that help keep flats, plates, and printing in register. Also called crossmarks and position marks.

                        凸版印刷 - 圖像載體是具有兩層表面的印刷方法,其著墨區域高于非著墨區域。凸版印刷包括木版印刷、柔版印刷和凸版印刷。

                        Relief Printing - Printing method whose image carriers are surfaces with two levels having inked areas higher than noninked areas. Relief printing includes block printing, flexography and letter press.

                        分辨率 - 圖像的精細度或粗糙度;存儲在圖像文件中的數據量,以每英寸像素 (PPI) 或每英寸點數 (DPI) 為單位。

                        Resolution - the fineness or coarseness of an image; the amount of data stored in an image file, measured in pixels per inch (PPI) or dots per inch (DPI).

                        RGB - 紅色、綠色、藍色的縮寫,加色原色。

                        RGB - Abbreviation for red, green, blue, the additive color primaries.

                        右對齊 - 使用單詞之間的正常間距與右頁邊距對齊的類型,導致左邊距參差不齊。

                        Right Justified - type that is aligned with the right page margin using normal spacing between the words resulting in a ragged left margin.

                        輪轉機 - 印刷時在兩個旋轉滾筒之間通過承印物的印刷機。

                        Rotary Press - Printing press which passes the substrate between two rotating cylinders when making an impression.

                        圓背裝訂 - 與平背裝訂相比,用圓形(凸面)書脊裝訂。

                        Round Back Bind - To casebind with a rounded (convex) spine, as compared to flat back bind.

                        騎馬訂 - 一種裝訂過程,通過書脊將頁面裝訂在一起以創建小冊子。

                        Saddle Stitch - a binding process where pages are stapled together through the spine to create a booklet.

                        無襯線 - 一種沒有襯線的字體;沒有小的水平線位于某些或所有單個類型字符的頂部和/或底部。

                        Sans Serif - a type face that has lacks serifs; there are no small horizontal lines which rest on the tops and/or bottoms of some or all of the individual type characters.

                        緞面飾面 - 銅版紙上無光澤飾面的替代術語。

                        Satin Finish - Alternate term for dull finish on coated paper.

                        比例 - 確定照片或藝術品應放大或縮小的百分比,以達到打印的正確尺寸。

                        Scale - To identify the percent by which photographs or art should be enlarged or reduced to achieve, the correct size for printing.

                        掃描儀 - 用于掃描圖像的電子設備。

                        Scanner - Electronic device used to scan an image.

                        絲網角度 - 絲網與印張水平線相交的角度。 用于分色的常見加網角度為黑色 45 度、品紅色 75 度、黃色 90 度和青色 105 度。

                        Screen Angles - Angles at which screens intersect with the horizontal line of the press sheet. The common screen angles for separations are black 45 degree, magenta 75 degree, yellow 90 degree and cyan 105 degree.

                        絲網密度 - 指絲網色調允許打印的墨水覆蓋百分比。 也稱為屏幕百分比。

                        Screen Density - Refers to the percentage of ink coverage that a screen tint allows to print. Also called screen percentage.

                        絲網印刷 - 使用刮刀迫使油墨通過網眼織物和模板的組合進行印刷的方法。

                        Screen Printing - Method of printing by using a squeegee to force ink through an assembly of mesh fabric and a stencil.


                        Serigraphic Printing - Printing method whose image carriers are woven fabric, plastic or metal that allow ink to pass through some portions and block ink from passing through other portions. Serigraphic printing includes screen and mimeograph.

                        絲網色調 - 由點而不是固體油墨覆蓋產生的顏色。也稱為 Benday、填充圖案、網屏色調、陰影、色調和色調。

                        Screen Tint - Color created by dots instead of solid ink coverage. Also called Benday, fill pattern, screen tone, shading, tint and tone.

                        分色 - 通常在四色制版領域中,將每張膠片分別保存一種特定顏色的圖像。黑色、青色、洋紅色和黃色。還可以通過膠片分離特定的 PMS 顏色。

                        Separations - Usually in the four-color process arena, separate film holding qimages of one specific color per piece of film. Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Can also separate specific PMS colors through film.

                        偏移 - 濕油墨從一張紙的頂部不希望地轉移到另一張紙的下面,因為它們位于印刷機的交付堆棧中。也稱為偏移量。

                        Setoff - Undesirable transfer of wet ink from the top of one sheet to the underside of another as they lie in the delivery stack of a press. Also called offset.

                        單張紙印刷機 - 使用單張紙而不是連續紙卷進行印刷的印刷機。

                        Sheet-fed Press - a printing press that uses single sheets of paper to print on rather than a continuous roll of paper.

                        側針 - 通過沿著紙張的側面裝訂(通常在文本的左側)裝訂紙張。

                        Side Stitch - binding paper by stapling along the side of a sheet (usually to the left of the text).

                        大豆基油墨 - 使用植物油代替石油產品作為顏料載體的油墨,因此更環保。

                        Soy-based Inks - Inks using vegetable oils instead of petroleum products as pigment vehicles, thus are easier on the environment.

                        特種打印機 - 其設備、耗材、工作流程和營銷針對特定類別產品的打印機。

                        Specially Printer - Printer whose equipment, supplies, work flow and marketing is targeted to a particular category of products.

                        規格 - 對印刷作業特征的完整和準確的書面描述,例如字號和行距、紙張等級和數量、印刷或裝訂方法??s寫規格。

                        Specifications - Complete and precise written description of features of a printing job such as type size and leading, paper grade and quantity, printing or binding method. Abbreviated specs.

                        分光光度計 - 用于測量顏色折射率的儀器。

                        Spectrophotometer - Instrument used to measure the index of refraction of color.

                        螺旋裝訂 - 使用螺旋狀的連續金屬絲或塑料環通孔進行裝訂。也稱為線圈綁定。

                        Spiral Bind - To bind using a spiral of continuous wire or plastic looped through holes. Also called coil bind.

                        損壞 - 與浪費相比,由于錯誤或事故而必須丟棄而不是交付給客戶的紙張。

                        Spoilage - Paper that, due to mistakes or accidents, must be thrown away instead of delivered printed to the customer, as compared to waste.

                        專色 - 使用一種或多種單一墨水顏色代替(或除此之外)印刷色(全色)印刷。墨水顏色在打印前而不是在打印過程中混合。

                        Spot Color - using one or more single ink colors instead of (or in addition to) process color (full color) printing. Ink color is mixed before printing instead of during the printing process.

                        基材 - 進行印刷的任何表面或材料。

                        Substrate - Any surface or material on which printing is done.


                        Subtractive Color - the mixing of inks, paints, dyes and natural colorants. The color that a surface displays depends on which colors of the spectrum are reflected by it and therefore made visible. Colors are caused by subtracting (that is, absorbing) some wavelengths of light and reflecting the others.

                        超級壓光紙 - 使用交替的鉻和纖維輥壓光紙,以產生光滑的薄紙。 縮寫 SC 紙。

                        Supercalendered Paper - Paper calendered using alternating chrome and fiber rollers to produce a smooth, thin sheet. Abbreviated SC paper.

                        SWOP - 網絡膠印出版物規范的縮寫,推薦用于網絡印刷出版物的規范。


                        SWOP - Abbreviation for specifications for web offset publications, specifications recommended for web printing of publications.

                        Swatch Book - 包含顯示紙張顏色、厚度和其他規格的紙張樣本。

                        Swatch Book - contains paper samples showing paper colors, thicknesses and other specifications.

                        標記圖像文件格式 - 用于存儲來自掃描儀和視頻設備的圖像的計算機文件格式??s寫 TIFF。

                        Tagged Image File Format - Computer file format used to store images from scanners and video devices. Abbreviated TIFF.

                        目標油墨密度 - 推薦用于各種印刷工藝和紙張等級的四種印刷油墨的密度。另請參閱總面積覆蓋。

                        Target Ink Densities - Densities of the four process inks as recommended for various printing processes and grades of paper. See also Total Area Coverage.



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